Todd Rundgren - My pal the Commish. (You subscribe now!)

Tony Levin - My pal Tony, who is much player. He will crush your gig!

John Ferenzik - My pal John and home of the hamster-smoothie. (You buy CDs now!)

The Todd Rundgren Connection - TR fan site (US)

One World - TR fan site (Japan)

Larry Fast - My pal Larry, aka Mistah Synergy!

Jeff Beck God and
Jennifer BattenGoddess

Lyle Workman - Saint Lyle of Workman!

True Fire - Sound-file archives for my GP feature lessons.

Guitar Player - Yeah, I still love 'em.

BackBeat Books - My "Cookbook" publisher

WFMU - The world¼s greatest free-form radio station and home of:
Incorrect Music - where hours of irritaining pressure await!

Footlight Records - Fave NYC record store.

Film Score Monthly - Fave mag.

Chuck's Lights - My pal Chuck Bachman. (Yep, he's fer real.)

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